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Why NodeJS Is Used By Most Development Providers

In the present scenario, the exemplary chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine nodeJS is being used for developing numerous server-side applications. Right from Airbnb, to LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber, and even NASA have considered using NodeJS in their production. And its demand is increasing day in day out! The remarkable functionality provided by the technology has come up with many remarkable changes in the realm of web development.

About Node.js

In simple words, it is an application runtime environment that allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Its unique I/O model excels at all sorts of scalable and real-time situations. The lightweight, efficient and ability to use JavaScript on both frontend and backend opens new avenues for development.

It’s no surprise that many tech giants have leveraged services from profoundly skilled Node.js development service providers across the globe especially in regards with production. Now in the following post, I would like to mention a few key reasons that have contributed to the rising demand of Node.js in the web development industry.

It’s extremely fast!!!

Based on JavaScript at the backend makes NodeJS so agile. It runs on Google V8 JavaScript engine that assembles libraries on the direct basis to perform I/O (writing files and regulating network connections), eventually enhancing performance in terms of speed. Node.js has simplified the prototyping and scalability in the applications. And it wouldn’t be any wrong if you compare the agility with current backend technologies prevalent these days. For example, the mobile site of Walmart make use of NodeJS to provide an amazing bunch of services to their customers.

Possess an extensive node package manager

The open source technology easily comprehends an inbuilt package management support which can be done using the NPM tool available by default with each and every installation of Node.JS. Some of the most common used NPM modules are Express.js, forever, Connect, CoffeeScript, and sockjs, redis, Jade, mongo and mongojs, underscore (lodash, lazy), etc.

Data streaming becomes effective

The streams in I/O applications can be easily managed using node.JS. This can be done pretty much easily especially if you wish to build something really apprehensive. For example, here it becomes very easy to transcode media files even when they are uploading; this helps in saving time. Undoubtedly, Node.js facilitates time-saving feature very efficiently.

Simplified building real-time applications

In case, if you want to build an effective framework to build real-time web applications like chat and games.

NodeJS is the technology worth the investment. The uniformity of JavaScript usage in both client-side and server-side results in the effective and swift synchronization process. It may quite interest you to know that number of cloud platforms support Node are something which makes it the perfect choice for real-time application development.

Escalated productivity

Productivity has been doubled up and this is possible because the time saved between the lines and assemblage of front-end and back-end processes is significant.

In a nutshell

These are just a few of many advantages of Node.js that you should consider when choosing the technology for your next project. It’s worth developing a project in NodeJS. Hire Node.js developer and programmers from Wama Software.

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