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Which Framework is Better: Ionic or React Native


Ionic is an open-source, a cross-platform framework used to develop hybrid mobile applications. Ionic is a mobile app development framework based on the HTML5 programming language. The HTML5 framework always works with the help of Cordova or PhoneGap. Hence, Ionic needs both of them.

If you want to build the attractive UI application then Ionic is the best choice cause it mainly focuses on the appearance.

It uses a combination of Apache Cordova & Angular

It developed a hybrid mobile application for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, & windows.

It provides service of developer’s tools like Sass, HTML 5 & CSS.

Ionic 3 is the latest upgrades for this development platform.

Ionic can be tasted on any browser, It is used for a hybrid application.

React Native

React Native was developed by developed by Facebook, it is a java-script framework mostly used by developers It is unique because its dynamic code updates, it is able to push updates to devices without requiring an application release. 

With every new upgrade in React Native app development becomes innovative & much more interesting.

It’s a JS framework used for both Android & iOS.

It is a platform to create applications for specific operating systems.

It provides the service of code Re-usability, you can reuse

Same code on different platforms.

Because of its re-usability, it is time-saving & cost-effective.

It needs a mobile device for testing. It is used for the Native application.

Well, anyone can’t tell you which is better. There are many factors you can consider such as features, requirements, cost, time, team size, and platforms while deciding the best framework. As both frameworks serve a different purpose, choosing any of them is surprisingly easy.

If you are low on budget and want excellent performance, you can opt for Ionic.

React Native is ideal for native-feeling apps which may cost you higher than the Ionic.

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Top Reason To Choose Vue.js Web Application Development

What is Vue.js?

Vue (pronounced ‘vju’, like view) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. You've probably heard about progressive web apps, and Vue is a framework that gives the developer the capabilities to build with modern technologies.

Vue has gained a lot of popularity due to its gentle learning curve, and because of its scalability. It can be used in Single Page Applications just as well as in small components on large websites.


Following are the advantages of using Vue.js technology in web development.

1-Very Small Size

The success of JavaScript framework depends on its size. The smaller the size is, the more it will be used. One of the greatest advantages of this technology is its small size. The size of this framework is 18-21 KB and it takes no time for the user to download and use it. This does not mean that it has low speed because of a small size. Instead, it beats all the bulky frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js.

2-Easy to Understand and Develop Applications

One of the reasons for the popularity of this framework is that it is quite easy to understand. The user can easily add Vue.js to his web project because of its simple structure. Both the small as well as large scales templates can be developed through this framework which saves a lot of time. In case of any problem, the user can easily trace the blocks with errors. All this is because of its simple structure.

3-Simple Integration

This technology is also popular among the web developers because it facilitates them to integrate with the existing applications. This is because it is based on JavaScript framework and can be integrated into other applications built on JavaScript. This means that it is useful for developing new web applications as well as altering the pre-existing applications. This integration is possible because Vue.js has components for everything.

4-Detailed Documentation

Developers always like to use the framework with detailed documentation because it is always easy for them to write their first application. The documentation with Vue is so comprehensive that any user who knows a little about JavaScript and HTML can develop his own application or web page.


A great deal of flexibility is another advantage of Vue.js. It allows the user to write his template in HTML file, JavaScript file, and pure JavaScript file using virtual nodes. This flexibility also makes it easy to understand for the developers of React.js, Angular.js, and any other new JavaScript framework. Vue.js has proved a lot beneficial in the development of those simple applications that run directly from browsers.

6-Two-Way Communication

And last but not least, it also facilitates two way communications because of its MVVM architecture which makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks. In this respect, it seems very close to Angular.js which also speeds up HTML blocks.

In the end, we can say that Vue.js has clear advantages over all the earlier frameworks like Angular.js and React.js. In short, it combines the peculiar features of all the older frameworks.

Vue.JS is an infant, fresh new baby, from JS womb, having strongest of attributes and fewer features to fallout. With very fewer features enclosed, API’s hanging with Vue.JS helps in improving the quality of application rather maintenance. It excels in performance, documentation, swift development and easy upgrade, besides the lightness of code – all pros in one go make it the next go-to framework for web application development.

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Top Reasons Why We Should Choose React Native

React native is developed by a developer of facebook and it is widely being used by giant network like facebook,instagram and skype .React native is mainly based on java script.React Native has a few unique features that make it work more cohesively than other cross-platform tools out there.

  • it is an open source platform.
  • It allows developer to build both Android and IOS mobile app.
  • it allows developer to exploit the extant codes.
  • React Native’s building blocks are reusable.
  • consistent look and feel.

The app will have the speed, look, and functionality of a native mobile applications.

Whereas native app development is usually associated with inefficiency, less developer productivity, and slower time to deployment, React Native is all about bringing the speed and agility of web app development to the hybrid space with native results.

The technical solution we were looking for would ideally be:

  • Fast: We wanted to enable our team to ship quality mobile products on multiple platforms as fast as possible.
  • Future Proof: We wanted a solution that would work for not only our initial scope, but one we could use to build a complex app over the next few years.
  • Team compatible: We wanted all of our team members to quickly be able to contribute, even if they didn’t have experience working with iOS and Android in the past.
  • Excellent for User Experience: We wanted the app to deliver the same high quality level of user experience as the best native apps in terms of performance and system integration (access to camera, push notifications, etc).


Hire dedicated React native developer for custom React native application development. Wama Software, a React Native development company.

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Why NodeJS Is Used By Most Development Providers

In the present scenario, the exemplary chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine nodeJS is being used for developing numerous server-side applications. Right from Airbnb, to LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber, and even NASA have considered using NodeJS in their production. And its demand is increasing day in day out! The remarkable functionality provided by the technology has come up with many remarkable changes in the realm of web development.

About Node.js

In simple words, it is an application runtime environment that allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Its unique I/O model excels at all sorts of scalable and real-time situations. The lightweight, efficient and ability to use JavaScript on both frontend and backend opens new avenues for development.

It’s no surprise that many tech giants have leveraged services from profoundly skilled Node.js development service providers across the globe especially in regards with production. Now in the following post, I would like to mention a few key reasons that have contributed to the rising demand of Node.js in the web development industry.

It’s extremely fast!!!

Based on JavaScript at the backend makes NodeJS so agile. It runs on Google V8 JavaScript engine that assembles libraries on the direct basis to perform I/O (writing files and regulating network connections), eventually enhancing performance in terms of speed. Node.js has simplified the prototyping and scalability in the applications. And it wouldn’t be any wrong if you compare the agility with current backend technologies prevalent these days. For example, the mobile site of Walmart make use of NodeJS to provide an amazing bunch of services to their customers.

Possess an extensive node package manager

The open source technology easily comprehends an inbuilt package management support which can be done using the NPM tool available by default with each and every installation of Node.JS. Some of the most common used NPM modules are Express.js, forever, Connect, CoffeeScript, and sockjs, redis, Jade, mongo and mongojs, underscore (lodash, lazy), etc.

Data streaming becomes effective

The streams in I/O applications can be easily managed using node.JS. This can be done pretty much easily especially if you wish to build something really apprehensive. For example, here it becomes very easy to transcode media files even when they are uploading; this helps in saving time. Undoubtedly, Node.js facilitates time-saving feature very efficiently.

Simplified building real-time applications

In case, if you want to build an effective framework to build real-time web applications like chat and games.

NodeJS is the technology worth the investment. The uniformity of JavaScript usage in both client-side and server-side results in the effective and swift synchronization process. It may quite interest you to know that number of cloud platforms support Node are something which makes it the perfect choice for real-time application development.

Escalated productivity

Productivity has been doubled up and this is possible because the time saved between the lines and assemblage of front-end and back-end processes is significant.

In a nutshell

These are just a few of many advantages of Node.js that you should consider when choosing the technology for your next project. It’s worth developing a project in NodeJS. Hire Node.js developer and programmers from Wama Software.

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