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How To Hire The Right Laravel Developers?

Laravel is a PHP-based framework for developing a web application. Laravel follows MVC pattern and is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. As well, like many other frameworks, it’s open-sourced that’s great. the software is able to reuse components from other frameworks smoothly, which makes the development process faster and easier.

The major advantages of Laravel include a wide choice of functionalities and advanced security available. The framework is quite easy to understand. But, for sure, you will need a hire expert Laravel developer or even a team to work with it. So, let’s start how and where you can find the best Laravel developers.

Things to consider while hiring Laravel developer:

  • First, you need to check the candidate’s portfolio and see if he or she has relevant experience in the same field. This is one of the most essential stages of the interview as it also says a lot about the candidate’s capabilities.
  • Secondly, you must check if the person you are hiring has knowledge about your business/industry or not.
  • Thirdly, you should check your expense while discussing about the salary. You can either hire them at an hourly basis or at a fixed cost. For that, you need to discuss the project requirements with your developer.
  • Fourthly, you need to ask the candidate to show their previous records. It is essential to know if he or she can be a team player? Can they meet the deadlines?
  • Fifth, interact with the candidate to know more about his or her vision, or what he or she is exactly looking for.
  • Lastly, do not directly hire the candidate based on the above-mentioned stages. Give them a test project and see if they are able to pass your test and meet all your requirements.

At Wama Software, we have a team of over 30 Laravel developers who follow all the best practices and maintain on-time delivery.

Why hire us?

When you hire Laravel developer from us you will surely experience top-class Laravel services and consultation. We have seasoned Laravel developers who can work upon your ease and project requirements.

Drop your project requirements in the email or call us at +91 991 332 4140. Our experts will guide you through your needs and recommend you the best solution for your business.

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Proven Ways To Improve Successful Your Website's Performance

Ever felt that your website is not getting enough amount of traffic? Or you have visitors but they are not actually turning into paying customers. It is because you have only made an upright website but haven't worked enough on the UX and UI elements for making the visitors turned to buyers.

Experts in the web development realm have been consistently providing great conversion tips to assure website's success for the companies and here we are discussing the same for PHP websites. Well, there are innumerable ways you can boost the performance of your website but need to bring to play only those techniques that will deliver results in the shortest time.

Read on to know a few of them which is appropriate and simple for every website irrespective of what it deals in or what type of visitors it targets.

Improvement in the Site's design along with Navigation

While website development is not only about appearance, good looking sites do attract visitors in the first instance. So, you need to work on its overall appearance by putting great background graphics, motion UI elements, vivid colors. Further to provide smooth navigation use clear menus, minimise scroll down options and reduce distractions through too many links.

Place up-to-date and engaging content

The notion that "content is the king' applies for all websites of all sizes, scales, and businesses. It is one of the biggest critical factors playing its part in search engine optimisation. Thus, you need to put precise, relevant and updated content that is well convincing for the visitors to avail your services.

Put enticing headings and clear CALL-TO-ACTIONS

To keep every single page attractive to the visitors, put alluring headlines and headings for the content and keep prominent Call-to-Actions to push visitors to the main page or checkout phase.

Create Buyers Personas to target the right audience

Figure out who are your targeted customers are and what type of information might interest them. Placing such type of content that pique their interests will help them relate to you and your site.

Go for A/B testing

To ascertain a good rate of conversion in your site, it's about testing! A/B testing is one of the effective testing ways to enhance conversions of a web page. It splits up the audience into two equal parts and redirects them to two alternate versions of a page. The page getting maximum sales will help you know which version is apt for your site.

Use responsive or mobile-friendly design

According to the latest studies on the market scenario, a hefty percentage of population use only their phones to access websites either to seek information or any service. To go with this radical change and prevent your website from being lagged back, make sure your website responds to phones of different screen sizes and resolutions and works seamlessly in the mobile user interface.

Nonetheless, if you want your website to be swamped with a great number of visitors every day, you need to work on its design as well as performance. These tips focus on both. So, to every website owner out there who are trying to good business with their websites, make sure its core aspects are optimised and tweaked in to serve only and only the interests of the targeted audience.

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Why Professional Website is Necessary for your Business

Nowadays everyone prefers to get the product and service related information’s on the internet before buying anything so now the website plays an important role to grow your business .if you have a business website then you can explore or present your business worldwide. I would like to show some key points that will help you to get the understanding about the website that is very important for your business.

• Business Credibility
We are in the digital world, so when people buy something, they people always try to check the company presence, reviews, testimonials and business portfolios on the internet to check the business credibility among the clients and users.

 24x7 Accessibility
Your business website is always accessible to its visitors every time globally.

• Cost-Effectiveness
If you promote your business in the traditional way then definitely your marketing costs will be more but website building and digital marketing costs are very less as compared to traditional marketing. So you can also increase your profit margin.

• Increase your Business Sales

If you update your website content consistently then you can drive huge traffic to your website. This traffic will help you to generate leads and sales.

Our web design team at Wama Software Marketing provides web designing services to help brands like yours reach new audiences online. To find out more about our web design services or to learn more about the importance of a website, contact us today.

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Which Framework is Better: Ionic or React Native


Ionic is an open-source, a cross-platform framework used to develop hybrid mobile applications. Ionic is a mobile app development framework based on the HTML5 programming language. The HTML5 framework always works with the help of Cordova or PhoneGap. Hence, Ionic needs both of them.

If you want to build the attractive UI application then Ionic is the best choice cause it mainly focuses on the appearance.

It uses a combination of Apache Cordova & Angular

It developed a hybrid mobile application for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, & windows.

It provides service of developer’s tools like Sass, HTML 5 & CSS.

Ionic 3 is the latest upgrades for this development platform.

Ionic can be tasted on any browser, It is used for a hybrid application.

React Native

React Native was developed by developed by Facebook, it is a java-script framework mostly used by developers It is unique because its dynamic code updates, it is able to push updates to devices without requiring an application release. 

With every new upgrade in React Native app development becomes innovative & much more interesting.

It’s a JS framework used for both Android & iOS.

It is a platform to create applications for specific operating systems.

It provides the service of code Re-usability, you can reuse

Same code on different platforms.

Because of its re-usability, it is time-saving & cost-effective.

It needs a mobile device for testing. It is used for the Native application.

Well, anyone can’t tell you which is better. There are many factors you can consider such as features, requirements, cost, time, team size, and platforms while deciding the best framework. As both frameworks serve a different purpose, choosing any of them is surprisingly easy.

If you are low on budget and want excellent performance, you can opt for Ionic.

React Native is ideal for native-feeling apps which may cost you higher than the Ionic.

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Why Should We Go For Ionic Framework App Development In 2019

The moment - when you decide to have a mobile app development for your business is perhaps the happiest one. This is because, immediately thereafter, you might be scratching your head and facing the technology dilemma. Native, Hybrid or Web Application? What platform should you go for? Speak to mobile app development services providers and they will tell you one thing. "If you want to save time efforts and want a cost-effective app that evolves with time, go for Hybrid mobile app."

During the initial years, experts highly criticized Hybrid Apps for their mediocre user interface and sluggish performance. However, things took a U-turn with the introduction of Ionic platform. Ionic App Development made it easy to develop multi-platform applications and brought sophistication in the field of hybrid apps. It is a framework that enables developers to build hybrid mobile apps using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

But before you approach an Ionic Mobile App development company for developing mobile apps using ionic framework, you must know why you should choose the framework. Let us try to understand that through this article.

Free Open Source 

There is a drawback to using an open-source. You can get trapped with an unstable framework that might break. But with Ionic, things are different. It is stable, swift and reliable and works pretty much like native apps. If you think developing a native app will burn holes in your pocket, Ionic App Development will prove to be quite cost-effective. Moreover, the framework is easy to learn and helps design a mobile web page in no time!

The AngularJS Advantage 

When it comes to finding a popular framework for web and mobile apps, Angular is the first name that comes on everyone's lips. AngularJs framework enables the developers of AngularJs Development Company to develop high-performance apps based on the Ionic platform. Ionic App Development makes use of AngularJs for building the application structure and other features. It also makes use of the syntax extending of HTML for including the elements of app and data binding.

Classy User Interface 

As mentioned above, experts criticized Hybrid Apps for the way they looked. But Ionic changed their perspective. JavaScript and CSS support render with better customization options of color, menus, buttons, schemes and more. The best part? Excellent standards of User Interface elements along with features like Right to Left language support. These features enable you to publish your apps in multiple languages. Ionic supports the motion, depth as well as colors of the material design so that you can have an attractive UI.

Easy Testing 

With the Ionic framework, Mobile App testing becomes easier. If you hire Ionic developer, they can test your app on the desktop browser and conduct simulator testing for Android and iOS apps with the help of Cordova commands. In iOS devices, it is possible to perform testing with safari or a mobile browser. To get an idea about the working of the app, they can test the app directly as a hybrid or native app on the actual platform. Remote debugging is also possible. With so many testing facilities, your attempts to create a perfect Ionic app is rarely a failure.

Winding up... 

The purpose behind introducing the Ionic framework was to bridge the gap between hybrid apps and AngularJs web apps. It makes the most out of the Cordova library and AngularJS application framework to build interactive hybrid apps. It would not be an exaggeration in saying that Ionic proved to be a savior for Hybrid App Development. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the scope of ionic powered hybrid apps now!

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Main Steps To Keep In Mind While Designing a Website

A website is a very public representation of your business or organization. It is, therefore, a very important tool and one of the greatest resources for your prospective audience.

Before you embark on developing your website you need to consider the following points.

Your audience.

How old are they? Where are they located? Which language do they speak? What are their biggest concerns? How will you address those issues.

The goals of your website.

What do you hope to achieve in with your website? Making more sales,  increasing engagement with your clients, providing support to them, getting new customers, creating a movement (following), etc

Your organizational branding.

Have your logo, organizational profile, website content, and images/photos ready. Some types of businesses require use of photos more than others. Ensure they are good quality pictures, which communicate the appropriate brand your company represents.

Marketing techniques

You need to plan in advance how you will be marketing your website, this will help you in budgeting appropriately. A website can be marketed using sponsored advertising either on search engine or social media channels. You can also do content marketing, which involves writing blog articles which provide useful information for your clientele, that can make them make the decision to buy your product or service

The type of website you will develop

There are different types of websites, including brochure websites, listing, online shops, portfolio websites, lead generation websites, community building, app websites, online comparison and many more.

It is usually advisable to start with as lean a website as possible, especially if you will need a dynamic website, which is likely to cost a lot of money. This will enable you to test and see whether the market is ready for your product, and you will also get to know what exactly are they looking for.

Finally, my observation is that a lot of people create websites for their business and grossly under-utilize them. Another misconception people have is that a website should not cost a lot of money and that they just need something, anything online.

Look at your website as your online office. For some businesses, this is the only first impression you will create with your prospective customers, especially if your target market is international.

Don’t be afraid to spend cash to get a quality website done.

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Why Magento Development is Beneficial for Ecommerce Websites

Magento is the most famous open source ecommerce solution with many useful features. Many platforms are used to build ecommerce sites but Magento is the first choice for developers and web development companies as it is robust, scalable and flexible. Magento is beneficial for ecommerce websites because it has many powerful features and is SEO friendly. Here are a number of reasons to consider building your ecommerce site using Magento:

• With Magento development, the same application can be accessed on all display media devices whether it is personal computers or mobile phones.

• It has a flexible pricing rule which enables the efficient creation of a variety of promotional offers and it can increase conversion rates.

• Magneto's marketing tools offer the functionality and accessibility to increase online sales, for example price management.

• It's SEO friendly and offers improved store performance through integration of Google Analytics and Website Optimizers.

• Magento is great for catalogue management as it enables the website visitor to browse through the catalogues as well as products in real time.

• Magento automatically detects mobile browsers and desktop/laptop browsers and shows the mobile-optimized version of the website when using mobile devices. It offers the full site catalogue for desktop/laptop or a smaller selection of products customized for mobile customers. It has an easy payment option too.

• There is no need to register to buy a product in Magento.

• It offers multiple payment options integrated with it, from Pay Pal to cash on delivery.

• It supports almost 60 languages, multiple currencies, taxes and different payment methods.

• In an order, customers can ship items to multiple addresses. Magento also displays real time carrier rates.

• There is an option to save items to a wish-list by customers/visitors and they can share with friends and family also. They can access and edit their profiles too.

• Customers can create invoices, view orders and shipment records for sales orders and issue refund requests. They can re-order previous orders from their account, while the administrator can view the full order histories.

• Magento websites allows customers to view their accounts and receive tracking information and order status. They can also submit requests on the contact page.

Along with these advanced features, Magento is also SEO friendly. It uses categories and products optimisation very easily. It allows the user to put unique titles and Meta tags for every category and product. Magento offers various modules which can create xml sitesmaps and can do canonical redirections with ease.

In the nutshell, Magento development services for ecommerce websites can attract unlimited traffic towards any online business and can create a powerful CMS.

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Wama Software Named as a Top 2019 India Developer

At Wama Software, we are inspired by the rapidly changing ecosystem of digital technology. This constant state of flux motivates us to be the top provider of innovative custom software and web development that give your customers the best user experience out there. We have adapted our techniques to incorporate the newest and most effective technologies so that your firm can focus on its bottom line, reaping all the benefits of your investment in our development service.


Wama Software was founded in 2010 and now it is a Top rated Web and Mobile App Development Company in the world. Wama Software has always exceeded client’s expectations by working seamlessly with clients’ requirements. We provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients.  Being able to provide top quality services has resulted in many repeat customers, satisfied with a constant partnership. We build exceptional web and mobile applications.


Our team works tirelessly to make sure that we provide nothing less than exceptional service for our clients and we are proud to announce that our work has recognized and awarded; we have been selected as a 2019 India Leader by Clutch! A central piece in the ever-growing tech industry, Clutch is a web service provider and reviews platform that facilitates connections and disseminates information between firms seeking service providers.


We are very excited to be included in Clutch’s research of top software development companies in Ahmedabad. Clutch rigorously evaluates firms before profiling them on their website and we were approved based on our firm’s outstanding ability to deliver service, our remarkable client satisfaction, and our overall brand strength.


In addition to our feature on Clutch, we have also been profiled by The Manifest and Visual Objects, two of Clutch’s sister sites that provide additional resources and information for companies seeking solutions to their business problems. We have been named among the top web designers in Ahmedabad by The Manifest, a useful site that provides how-to-guides and valuable information for companies seeking their ideal service provider. We are also excited to share our feature on Visual Objects – a digital portfolio website, where we have been named among the top mobile app developers.


Overall, we would like to thank our team here at Wama Software for dedicating their time and efforts to helping us become a leader. We look forward to the new projects we will undertake in the years to come, and we are always here for your firm’s development needs!

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The Benefits Of Hiring The Dedicated Magento Developers

If you are venturing into the ecommerce arena, the right framework will emerge as the most crucial requisite for you. Whether you are a new entrant or an established name, the right ecommerce platform will always be critical to the success of your venture. It's here that you come across Magento. As a highly stable, secure, and unique ecommerce platform, Magento will surely enhance your brand's sales and visibility.

However, you must have crystal clear ideas of the benefits of this particular platform. Check out some of the reasons for choosing Magento.

Why invest in Magento Development? 
Magento offers numerous benefits when it comes to developing unique ecommerce portals. The open-source, flexible, and secured nature of this platform helps it qualify as the best choice for ecommerce store development. Some of the most crucial advantages include:

Mobile-friendly configurations leading to responsive stores 

  • SEO-friendly nature
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Numerous extensions
  • Easy integration with payment gateways
  • Stable, scalable, and secured


With these features, Magento is undoubtedly one of the best options for ecommerce development. All you need to do is associate with the leading Magento Development Company for the best experience.

Why choose the leaders? 
Magento development requires extensive research, proper coding, and flawless customization. Quite naturally, none other than highly skilled and professional developers will have the expertise and experience to do so. Choosing the most efficient Magento developers will help you get a highly functional and interactive ecommerce store.

The top developers will understand your requirement, thus adding to your business sales and branding. Here are some of the exclusive benefits of choosing Magento.

1. Enhanced branding 
Highly efficient and skilled Magento developers will understand your specific needs. As the result, you will get the desired store layouts and designs. Your business objectives and goals will get fulfilled, as your store will successfully attract innumerable customers.

2. Better search engine visibility 
Irrespective of your products, services, or nature of business, search engine visibility seems to be the need of the hour. You will surely wish to achieve high search engine rankings for your ecommerce store. With in-depth knowledge and professional expertise, the top Magento developers will ensure successful store optimization. Your business will achieve better visibility thus attracting potential customers.

3. Easily manageable Content Management Systems 
Hiring an ace Magento developer will help you manage your CMS quite easily. Therefore, it's highly essential to get in touch with the leading companies. With complete knowledge of Magento store development, they will render the best support.

4. Comprehensive store 
The best Magento developers will design and create comprehensive stores for you. Your associations with them will help you get the best store functionalities. As the result, customers will love visiting your store thus adding to your revenues.

5. Single backend for multiple store management 
Magento developers will help you manage multiple stores from a single backend. All you need to do is find out the most efficient service providers for this task.

After knowing these benefits, you will surely want to build associations with the most efficient and leading Magento developers.

How to look for the best? 
If you wish to hire dedicated magento developer, you will have to take note of quite a few aspects. Other than the experience and expertise, some of the other crucial factors include:

I. Past profiles: It's quite important to get your job done by experienced Magento developers. Make sure you check their past work profiles before finalizing associations with them.

II. Client references and testimonials: None other than the most efficient and leading Magento developers will have a group of highly satisfied clients. While planning to build associations with them, check the client testimonials and references. You will get an idea of their service offerings and expertise.

III. Extensive market research: When it comes to looking for the most reliable, leading, and renowned Magento Development Company, extensive research will turn out to be a prime requisite. That will help you find the best service providers in the market.

Parting thoughts 
As a dedicated ecommerce owner, you will undoubtedly wish to ensure optimum satisfaction for customers thus taking your bottom line forward. Building associations with the leading firm offering magento erp integration solutions will be the best thing to do. Get in touch with the leaders for the best service experience.

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Choose AngularJS For Web and Mobile Application Development

Do you spend a plenty of your time in developing a mobile or web application? Agreed! Then you need to embrace a client-side & open source JavaScript framework - AngularJS. The benefit of using the client-side JavaScript framework results as fewer efforts for coding and goes in the favor non-technical people, like business owners, etc. who can quickly do changes to the application.

The AngularJS, powered by Google is one of the highly preferred and popular open source frameworks. The brand name association with Google and its popularity makes easy to trust for anyone planning web application development.

Once the application starts to function on AngularJS, as a non-technical business owner, minor changes can be easily made. Another benefit of this open source JavaScript framework is without any developer help you can modify the web app as needed; just a single developer is sufficient for the support and maintenance of the web application.

Top 5 Benefits of Using AngularJS For Web Application Development

1. Simple and Intuitive:

AngularJS is considered as one the most elegant platform for the web and mobile application development with advanced features and functionalities. The platform has inbuilt directories that facilitate developers with smooth functioning.

2. Agile and Lightweight:

AngularJS developed applications do not consume a lot of space. Further, the latest technology innovation advances faster application. This, in turn, benefits the web pages to load faster and the user receives seamless experience while browsing your site.

3. Testing:

Testing is the most advanced feature of this JavaScript framework. Once the application gets developed, the platform runs an auto tests that removes bugs as well as fix them. By this, your overhead expense for testing reduces significantly.

4. Code for all the platforms:

AngularJS can be used for the application development all the platform and devices. Programs facilitate to create applications for web and mobile web, native desktop and mobile.

5. Amazing tools:

There are many different tools that can simplify the development processes. Inbuilt tools are one of the finest tools, including simpler editing options, data binding, and languages choices. For the unique application development, AngularJS gives the option to make changes in the code.

6. Security:

AngularJS is totally secured and receives frequent Google updates to make developing work smoother. Some the JavaScript security features you can rely on is deep linking, data binding, and server communication.

Get Started with Angular JS Development

As this client-side JavaScript framework is open source, simply set up AngularJS 2 using the standard guides. Use the video tutorial guides for AngularJS installation and begin quickly with simple steps. You can know more about this JavaScript framework, on its official website.

If you are considering to get an external support an application development, you can hire Angular Developer India today. To revamp your site with stunning design and smooth functioning, look for an Angular developer who offers complete web and mobile application package at a cost-effective rate.

Bottom Line

If you are seeking to cut some on your business investment, then hire an Angular developer service is a very right option. AngularJS delivers advanced features and tools for a web application development in a shorter frame.

From the day since its launch, ample figures of businesses have embraced AngularJS for better work-rate. Be brazen and be a part of the most significant open source community by adopting AngularJS for web application development.

Wama Software is leading AngularJS development company in India and USA that offers high quality web solutions at competitive rates.

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