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Why Your Business Need Symfony Based Applications

Symfony is an open source framework that offers multiple possibilities for both developers and users. It is useful in improving the workflow on a large scale. It has become the favorite framework for many developers. A beginner can also create and maintain functions on a PHP website with the symfony. It has come a long way to win the reputation of the most mature and reliable PHP framework.

Why Your Business Need Symfony Based Applications?

Long term support

High flexibility

Easy testing

Good documentation

provides Access to Services API’s

Easy Configuration

Wama Software is leading web application development company in India with expertise in the Symfony Framework Development. They focus on delivering customer-focused web solutions and creating excellent web designs. They also offer effective internet marketing services with special emphasis on the business needs and requirements of customers. They specialize in website Designing  and Web application development.


Benefits with Wama Software:

Expert and Qualified Symphony developer

Applications are built without loss of quality

Reduces workflow

Manage applications complexity with ease

Technical support via chat, mail, call

We provide a vast range of services related to the Symfony framework.Trustworthy and classy performance, uniqueness and functionality of web application are the key factors on which our Symphony development services are based on.

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What are the Benefits of Using Mean Stack For Web Application Development?

MEAN Stack Application Development is a modern and evolving trend for JavaScript development. Business Organisations are tremendously modernizing their web content and web applications by using MEAN Stack. The MEAN Stack trend is growing and evolving every day for the full stack development of JavaScript. MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js together constitute this web application development stack. The biggest advantage of its popularity is the whole source code is written in JavaScript, which makes the developer's work very easy and fluent.

Some of the reasons why companies are going with this dynamic development trend are:

Open Source Support: All the components of MEAN are open source and by this term, it means the stack gets automatically update according to the availability of updates on a regular basis. This makes MEAN Stack more flexible and customized option for developers to code on.


MVC Architecture: MEAN Stack supports Model View Controller Architecture which helps in the implementation of user interfaces on computer systems by a designed software architectural pattern.


Large Library and Module Packages: The Library Package of Nde.js, known as Node Package Manager contains a large amount of data repository and supported modules which can be easily shared, ported and reused for the targeting repositories and public code sharing.


Flexibility and Cloud Support: The web apps built by using MEAN Stack allows developers to write the source code for Node and port it over the AngularJS. This makes it more flexible and time-efficient web development platform. MongoDB enables enormous options to manage the source code deployments on the Cloud and manage the running database efficiently.


No SQL and Better Performance: MongoDB supports No SQL architecture which allows developers to easily edit and alter the code and data without any external code migrations. On the other aspect, Node.js is highly recommended when it comes to performance. It is an Event-driven Architecture which boosts the application performance as it allows users to work on the single-thread concept and reuse the code for multiple tasks.


A Leading Wama Software is having an expertise in providing world-class customised MEAN Stack Web Apps and Websites using other Open Source CMS and an emerging leader in providing quality E-Commerce Web Development.


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Is Nodejs required for Angular 2 or Angular

NodeJS is a server side backend which makes it important and not important to AngularJS.

AngularJS does not require a backend, but it does require hosting. NodeJS, IIS, Apache, and others can host websites. When an Angular site needs access to your data, then you get into server side technologies. While AngularJS apps do not need NodeJS at runtime, much of the tooling and scripting that is often used for AngularJS development is written with NodeJS.

Node.js is an open source JS framework that

· Helps in the execution of JavaScript code from server-side.

· Acts as a storehouse where you can get any JS framework by using Node Package Manager(NPM).

· Uses chrome Javascript engine to execute Javascript outside the browser for creating desktop and server-based applications.

· NPM is used for copying all the dependencies and packages to the local directory.

Reasons why there is a need for nodeJS in Angular:

· Angular is created in Typescript, which isn’t supported by browsers. For compiling them into JavaScript, nodeJS is required.

· Most of the Angular libraries are assigned in the form of different NPM packages. NPM(Node Package Manager) relies more on Node.JS.

· NPM is responsible for minimizing the size of the Javascript files which basically helps in reducing application’s size.

· Angular works on the client side, while for processing on the server side you will require NodeJS.

· NodeJS works as an intermediate for hosting in Angular and transferring data to the server side.

Since NodeJS and AngularJS operate by the same language that is Javascript, code sharing is possible. You can create a generic function that takes an input and spits out some data, wrap into a module and use it either in AngularJS or NodeJS as per needs.

As a leading NodeJS Development Company in India offers NodeJS development services world wide.Hire the best NodeJS developers from us.


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What are reasons to use Node.js for web application development

Introduction Of Node.JS

On Node JS it is possible to merge web and back end developers into one unit this makes development efficient. It's perfect for handling lots of request that are I/O driven and scales very nicely.Node JS provides a lot of benefits to any custom application project.


Our Node JS developers will help you analyze your business requirements and give you right solution for your project.


Speed, scalability, and productivity all played a vital role in selection of Node js for your project development platform. Node js allows for developers to write JavaScript on both the client side and the server side. That means you can use the similar patterns and -- in some cases -- the same libraries for both back-end and front-end development. 


  • Node js is a politically neutral language. Node js is generally accepted and understood by both Java and .Net camps, whose developers are comfortable with JavaScript syntax and are able to deploy Node js on both UNIX and Windows infrastructures.


  • Node js offers speed and a non-blocking I/O API. Node js provides an event-driven architecture and a non-blocking I/O API that optimizes an application's throughput and scalability.


  • Node js is ready for enterprise deployment. It’s not hard for a developer to pick up JavaScript and quickly become productive with it.


  • It is fast. Node js is a JavaScript runtime that uses the V8 engine developed by Google for use in Chrome. V8 compiles and executes JavaScript at lightning speeds mainly due to the fact that V8 compiles JavaScript into native machine code.


  • NPM is the Node js package manager and it is excellent. It resembles package managers from other ecosystems, but npm is fast, robust, and consistent.


If you are looking for trustworthy Node.js development company for your product then definitely you must check out Wama Software.

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Why NodeJS Is Used By Most Development Providers

In the present scenario, the exemplary chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine nodeJS is being used for developing numerous server-side applications. Right from Airbnb, to LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber, and even NASA have considered using NodeJS in their production. And its demand is increasing day in day out! The remarkable functionality provided by the technology has come up with many remarkable changes in the realm of web development.

About Node.js

In simple words, it is an application runtime environment that allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Its unique I/O model excels at all sorts of scalable and real-time situations. The lightweight, efficient and ability to use JavaScript on both frontend and backend opens new avenues for development.

It’s no surprise that many tech giants have leveraged services from profoundly skilled Node.js development service providers across the globe especially in regards with production. Now in the following post, I would like to mention a few key reasons that have contributed to the rising demand of Node.js in the web development industry.

It’s extremely fast!!!

Based on JavaScript at the backend makes NodeJS so agile. It runs on Google V8 JavaScript engine that assembles libraries on the direct basis to perform I/O (writing files and regulating network connections), eventually enhancing performance in terms of speed. Node.js has simplified the prototyping and scalability in the applications. And it wouldn’t be any wrong if you compare the agility with current backend technologies prevalent these days. For example, the mobile site of Walmart make use of NodeJS to provide an amazing bunch of services to their customers.

Possess an extensive node package manager

The open source technology easily comprehends an inbuilt package management support which can be done using the NPM tool available by default with each and every installation of Node.JS. Some of the most common used NPM modules are Express.js, forever, Connect, CoffeeScript, and sockjs, redis, Jade, mongo and mongojs, underscore (lodash, lazy), etc.

Data streaming becomes effective

The streams in I/O applications can be easily managed using node.JS. This can be done pretty much easily especially if you wish to build something really apprehensive. For example, here it becomes very easy to transcode media files even when they are uploading; this helps in saving time. Undoubtedly, Node.js facilitates time-saving feature very efficiently.

Simplified building real-time applications

In case, if you want to build an effective framework to build real-time web applications like chat and games.

NodeJS is the technology worth the investment. The uniformity of JavaScript usage in both client-side and server-side results in the effective and swift synchronization process. It may quite interest you to know that number of cloud platforms support Node are something which makes it the perfect choice for real-time application development.

Escalated productivity

Productivity has been doubled up and this is possible because the time saved between the lines and assemblage of front-end and back-end processes is significant.

In a nutshell

These are just a few of many advantages of Node.js that you should consider when choosing the technology for your next project. It’s worth developing a project in NodeJS. Hire Node.js developer and programmers from Wama Software.

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Why We Should Choose AngularJS For Development

AngularJS is a remarkable JavaScript structure that has some outstandingly persuading features for engineers, and also originators too! In this instructional exercise, we will cover what I consider to be the most key features, and how they can help make your next web application incredible.

The Lift Pitch: AngularJS More or less

AngularJS is another, exceptional, client side advancement that gives a strategy for accomplishing to a great degree able thing in a way that grips and expands HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while shoring up a segment of its glaring deficiencies. The thing HTML would have been, had it been worked for dynamic substance.

Feature 1: Two Way Information Authoritative:-

Consider your model the single-wellspring of-truth for your application. Your model is the place you go to scrutinize or invigorate anything in your application.

Data confining is likely the coolest and most supportive segment in AngularJS. It will save you from making a great deal out of standard code. An ordinary web application may contain up to 80% of its code base, focused on intersection, controlling, and tuning in to the DOM. Data confining impacts this code to vanish, so you can fixate on your application.

By and large, when the model changes, Angularjs training in Bangalore the specialist is responsible for physically controlling the DOM segments and credits to reflect these movements.

This is a two-way street. One way, the model changes drive change in DOM parts. In the other, DOM segment changes require changes in the model. This is furthermore convoluted by customer joint effort, since the designer is then responsible for deciphering the affiliations, mixing them into a model, and invigorating the view. This is a particularly manual and unbalanced process, which winds up hard to control, as an application creates in size and flightiness.

Feature 2: Layouts:-

It’s indispensable to comprehend that at no time does AngularJS control the design as strings. It’s the whole program DOM.

In AngularJS, an organization is unmitigated old-HTML. The HTML vocabulary is extended, to contain rules on how the model should be expected into the view.

The HTML formats are parsed by the program into the DOM. The DOM by then transforms into the commitment to the AngularJS compiler. AngularJS crosses the DOM format for rendering rules, which are called commands. All things considered, the requests are responsible for setting up the data official for your application see.

It is imperative to comprehend that at no time does AngularJS control the format as strings. The commitment to AngularJS is program DOM and not a HTML string. The data ties are DOM changes, not string joins or inward HTML changes. Using the DOM as the information, instead of strings, is the best division AngularJS has from its kinfolk structures. Using the DOM is the thing that empowers you to expand the request vocabulary and manufacture your own specific orders, or even one of a kind them into reusable fragments!

A standout amongst other purposes important to this approach is that it influences a tight work to process among designers and specialists. Fashioners can build their HTML as they consistently would, and after that architects take the actualize and catch in helpfulness, through binds with by no effort.

Feature 3: MVC:-

AngularJS joins the principal gauges behind the main MVC programming arrangement plan into how it fabricates client side web applications.

The MVC or Model-View-Controller configuration infers different things to different people. AngularJS does not complete MVC in the customary sense, but rather something closer to MVVM (Show View-View Display).

The Model:

The model is fundamentally the data in the application. The model is by and large old JavaScript objects. There is no convincing motivation to obtain from structure classes, wrap it in delegate challenges, or use novel getter/setter methodologies to get to it. How we are overseeing vanilla JavaScript is a to a great degree wonderful segment, which wipes out the application standard.

Wama Software provides all kinds of AngularJS development services. Hire AngularJS developer from us who are trained to provide proactive solutions to clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Write to us and hire Expert Angularjs Developer as your AngularJs development company for your next project.

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Improving The Speed & Performance of Laravel Application

Laravel is currently the developer's choice for PHP framework and is used highly for creating stunning websites and web applications. Laravel application framework, over the past 4 years has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks and has shown authoritative superiority over other platforms.With the massive community support of Laravel, developers have the ease to resolve their doubts and queries. However, one drawback of Laravel, which is slow performance stops the developers from practicing it. The codes are large, and while development it takes a lot of time to load and for results to come.

Since the time Laravel started to catch the attention, developers, have been working this issue and plenty of skillful Laravel developers have their created some programming tricks that can make this PHP framework's code work pretty fast. The blog features some of the code snippets of Laravel that helps the developers to create the applications with great performance.

A lot of developers face issues with their application created in Laravel which takes a lot of time to load. Applying intelligent methods in the Clean coding helps the developers to enhance the speed of their Laravel application. While caching a Laravel configuration, it is recommended to use the code "php.artisan config:cache". Using this code will integrate methods directly specified in the artisan and further will generate faster outcomes. To delete this function completely from the Laravel application, use, "php.artisan.config:clear."

Enable routes caching to enhance the Laravel application's using the following codes, "php.artisan route:cache." Replace 'cache' with 'clear' if you face any difficulty with the above code in returning no "Callbacks." It will completely clear the function.

Add "php.artisan optimize--force" to allow the class map optimization in your Laravel application. This code can also be applied in version 4. To autoload the optimized composers, it is essential to add "Composer dump autoload-o," this will convert the entire PSR-0 or PSR-4 into the class map, therefore increasing Laravel application's speed.


Use Memcached driver to quickly save the files, the files that work very quickly will help your applications run faster. So, the application of Memcached driver will help to enhance the speed of Laravel app. For applying it frequently practice the codes "app/config/session.php/".

It is important to see that the valuable session driver picked is of utmost value. Also, it is necessary to optimize the entire codes in Laravel application correctly. 

If the application has to built-in within a short duration, it may happen that completely the codes don't get optimized, then it is feasible to use the caching methods. As a fact a problem entirely never gets resolved, 100% optimization exist ideally not practically. So, it is better to effort 100% for all the codes practiced in the Laravel application.

So when developing complex applications, following the above points will definitely improve the performance of the application. To know more about Laravel web development follow Wama Software.

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Complete Guide To Hire Laravel Developers With The Right Skill Set

Nowadays the main priority of e-commerce platforms is to make the web applications enriching experiences for the users. You can hire Laravel Developer for getting such enriched web applications. It helps you to get a scalable application which is customizable at the same time.

PHP development is trending hot now and is a favorable option for developers all around the world to create great websites and web applications for large and small-scale projects. Amidst a vast number of PHP frameworks, Laravel has set up the real standard of web applications creation. It is the best choice to the developers when it is about developing everything right from the scratch. This makes Laravel developers versatile ones who are capable of building distinct and functional web applications and spark up some life in them.

Laravel development requires immense patience and dexterity because like any other PHP framework it is difficult to tame and places great responsibilities on the programmers to assure stability and efficient performance of web applications. Thus, first, take a look at some of the desired skills or qualities that Laravel programmers must have.

In-depth experience: Developers should have gathered enough years of experience, or have handled a vast number of projects on the framework, to give you a surety that your unique web application project will not be a challenging or a backbreaking job for them.

Advanced coding skill: It's always desirable to have a programmer with inherent coding abilities in PHP and greater knowledge of other front-end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

Updated with the latest Laravel version: One need to make sure that the Laravel developers they hire are up-to-date on the last version release of the framework and its best practices.

Wider understanding: Besides having working knowledge and proficiency on MySQL database, your programmer needs to have profound understanding of object-oriented programming and basic designing principles for scalable web apps. Further, developers with enough know-how on code versioning tools like Git and those capable of dealing with the PHP and web server exploits with great solutions are always preferred.

Committed to words: Apart from technical skills, business owners need to affirm that the programmers that they are relying on are efficient enough to deliver projects within the decided time-frame. They should truly commit to the costs and time frames that they estimate while taking the project.

Comfortable with business communication: The team of Laravel programmers hired must acknowledge the project ideas, its specific needs and concerns. They are the one communicating with their business clients at every stage of the development and hence should be comfortable with it.

If the Laravel programmer that you are partnering with for your valuable project is deficient in the above skill sets, it is wiser to run away to avoid making wrongful investments.

However, what if the programmer you're picking turned incapable of handling your web application project later on? To avoid any chances of your idea to fail dismally because of an unskilled programmer, businesses definitely need discussions about the following beforehand with their prospective developer.

  • Specific project needs: Not only the precise project requirements are enough to mention to the developers but also discovering how they can be met is essential.
  • Purpose and functionality: Businesses need to talk it out clearly with developers about the purpose of the web project and what functionality they wish to have for that in the application.
  • Testing processes: Companies while hiring the developer must affirm about the testing processes and how will they implement them.
  • Delivery time and costs: Needless to say, businesses should seal the total costs with exact estimation and speculation of the time-frame for delivery at the earliest while discussing with the developer.
  • Warranties: To assure that problems encountered in the application after its development are easily addressed and resolved, businesses should ask for warranties of the work from the developer.

Thus, to pick a suitable Laravel programmer, businesses apparently need to go beyond their usual quest of some common answers and instead dig deeper with research to assure that they choose the right one with proficiency and innate skills.

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